Hi. I’m Zac, Fernando’s companion.

Hello, this is Zac, I’m a Drahthaar Pointer. I share this web pages with Producer Director Fernando Sobron.

"I much prefer when Fernando shoots on location." Zac.

Fernando is a versatile self-shooting Producer Director, visually creative with excellent shooting skills and an eye for great characters and developing stories. He speaks English, Spanish and French and have extensive experience interviewing and shooting at home and abroad.

To hire Fernando or enquire about Production-Direction services go to Contacts page or check his profile at TheTalentManager.

A few hours with a Master Blacksmith. Documentary style short format for commercial purposes.

He specialises in factual and loves leading narrative with strong, beautifully observed images. Fernando does much more than shooting. He provides research, scripting, pre-editing and post-production.

Fernando is a Doctor in Philosophy with an area of expertise closely matched with video production, online communications and content services. To read about when and why Fernando’s interest in documentary started, go to Zac telling about Fernando.

Fernando’s wide ranging experience in broadcast TV, advertising, documentary and academic makes him versatile assuring best productions results. For decades he worked as a creative in some of the leading advertising agencies around the world. He has won the highest coveted international awards and likes to approach all he does creatively.

Based in South East England, he has access to facilities in South West France for studio productions. He is ready to work on location anywhere in Western Europe. Closer to home, near Tunbridge Wells he covers London, Brighton, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent.